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School District of Philadelphia begins the long process of returning to local control...Jackson Mississippi schools avoid a state takeover...Padres Unidos participates in Dignity in School's national Week of Action Against School Pushout. School personnel barred from employment in the Chicago Public Schools find new jobs in the city's charter schools.  Detroit's 482 Forward hosts a debate between the city's school superintendent and authorizers for most of the city's charters.  New showings of Backpack Full of Cash are scheduled.

Join a "mass migration" to protect the Dreamers; A new report from Power U and the Advancement Project calls out the Miami-Dade public schools on school climate measures;  Testimony delivered by song in Philadelphia; Dark Money at issue in the Massachusetts charter ballot initiative. More showings of Backpack Full of Cash!

#WeChoose coordinates national actions on October 9th; the Buffalo Public Schools board of education passes a resolution calling for a moratorium on new charter schools; Schott Foundation to host webinar on October 25th. Upcoming showings of Backpack Full of Cash, and more!

Check out this week's NewsBlast to learn about the #WeChoose Campaign's October 9th plans, and a national week of action against school push-out, hosted by the Dignity in Schools Campaign.  We also report on a victory against for-profit charter expansion in Florida, and efforts to stop a district takeover in Mississippi.  Welcome to the fight-back!!

Protesters continue to bird-dog Betsy DeVos, this time in Boston...Students in NYC march and call on the Mayor to stop the criminalization of Black and Latino youth...#WeChoose rallies at the U.S. Capitol.

Twenty cities took part in coordinated actions on September 20th to express our opposition to the Trump/DeVos agenda of cuts to public education, vouchers and privatization. Labor/community coalitions in a range of cities called on their members of Congress to reject tax cuts for the wealthy, and invest in public schools.  This week's NewsBlast includes a round-up of some of those actions.  Check it out!

The Fight-Back continues with efforts to make sure Education Secretary Betsy DeVos--and members of Congress--know that we won't accept the Trump/DeVos agenda for our schools.  Newark celebrates a hard-fought return to local control. Little Rock fights school closures. Hundreds of Bostonians turn out to watch Backpack Full of Cash.

Los Angeles and Milwaukee teacher unions head to the bargaining table with community members at their side. Both unions are engaged in "bargaining for the common good" -- including community organizations in the development of contract demands. Newark Public Schools returns to local control after two decades for resistance! Advancement Project and Padres Unidos unveil new restorative practices project...and much more! 

Organizations around the country are canvassing, building their base, and fighting back against the Trump budget and tax plan.  It's time to resist!  Denver says "NO" to ICE.  Illinois legislature passes new voucher initiative. Join Americans for Tax Fairness webinar on the fight against Trump's tax cuts to the wealthy.

Wisconsin AROS groups take on Paul Ryan's "town hall" that's not a town hall;  Little Rock commemorates the Little Rock Nine at 60. MEJA is hiring; the PFT passes a resolution against white supremacy.