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Education organizers and social justice advocates in Philadelphia and Cincinnati are coming together to host events marking Martin Luther King Jr. Day and linking the issues facing our nation's schools and students today to the historic struggle for equal opportunity.

The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers is calling for the School Reform Commission to place a moratorium on new charter schools until the financial crisis that has consistently plagued our school district has been resolved.

Students are standing up across the country to demand excellent public schools and local control. The adults that are in charge of their schools and supposed to be encouraging and educating them, are instead trying to shut down their voice, exclude them from the debate and even criminalize them while they are exercising their democratic rights. This repressive response from those who make decisions about our schools is blatantly undemocratic, racist and, unfortunately, typical of how they operate. Where’s the educational lesson in that?

Uniting for the Public Schools Our Children Deserve!

Join parents, students, educators and community members on Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014, in 20 cities across America in our “walk-ins” to support Sustainable Community Schools. 

Philadelphia's schools are under attack. Teachers and community members need your help.
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Organizers for educational justice have had busy and exciting past few weeks! 

Check out the video compilation we made for our recent conference!

The future of public education stands at a critical crossroads. For over 20 years, communities of color have been the targets of a wave of market-driven education reform, rooted in corporate principles of competition, choice and consequences. Billionaires, philanthropists, policy advocates and local, state and federal elected officials have all supported this approach, funding teacher evaluations, Common Core development and implementation, charter schools and other such reforms.

From student walk-outs to parent boycotts to mock town halls with a Gov. Chris Christie impersonator, Newark's school year is off to a strong start – at least as far as parent and student organizing goes.

The recent murder of Michael Brown, another unarmed Black youth, by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, has sparked anger and protests across the country.  It has led to important conversations about the criminalization of youth of color, the militarization of the police, and what we can do to end such injustices. Such tragedies are all too common in this country; a Black person is victim to an extra-judicial killing every 28 hours.