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In the Public Interest releases a new video about the cost of charter schools to traditional districts and students;  The new school year opens in a devastated Puerto Rico, where over 250 closures and encroaching privatization have created chaos for students, parents and teachers.  Read more in this week's NewsBlast from AROS!

Over 200 fill Boston City Council chambers for a hearing on the city's PILOT program. Activists are demanding that the city's tax-exempt institutions contribute more to schools and other public services!  AQE launches a series of community conversations on the School-to-Prison Pipeline...Pueblo, Colorado is the latest city to form a labor/community alliance to fight for education justice.  And Betsy DeVos's School Safety Commission braves potential grizzlies in Wyoming to hear from the public.  All this is this week's AROS NewsBlast!!

Journey for Justice Alliance hosts a webinar for legislators and elected officials; Bargaining for the Common Good webinar discusses how to incorporate racial justice at the bargaining table; BEJA continues to apply pressure to Massachusetts legislature for funding reform, and youth-led groups march to the DOE in Washington to demand that Betsy DeVos protect and maintain Obama-era discipline guidance.  Read these stories and more in this week's NewsBlast!

Cincinnati's CEJC is front and center at a rally to excoriate the state over corruption in the charter sector; Massachusetts' millionaire's tax gets excluded from the November ballot, but MEJA holds a spirited first statewide convening.  The AFT leads a delegation to the border to protest family separations, and an early look at where President Trump's 2019 education budget request is headed.

By Jay Travis and Keron Blair, co-directors of AROS

 “Judicial disruption does not get any greater than what the Court does today.”  - Justice Elena Kagan.

Parents in Los Angeles released a report and held an action about charter accountability in Los Angeles, citing the corporate make-up of charter boards in the city, and the lack of accessibility of board meetings. Meanwhile, the Schott Foundation and NPE released a new report, grading states on the accountability of their charter and voucher sectors.  AFT, AROS, NEA and 23,000 others file a formal complaint about family separations with the UN Commissioner of Human Rights. And Youth on Board in Boston has a new training available. Check it all out in this week's NewsBlast!


Activists for public education took to the streets this week in coordination with the Poor People's Campaign to declare that "everyone's got a right to live." Actions were held in several AROS cities.  Read our round-up of the week's events.  In Los Angeles, the primary election in the governor's race this week had a hard lesson for the state's powerful charter sector. All in this week's AROS NewsBlast!!

This week we talk about the upcoming Supreme Court decision in Janus v AFSCME, and Betsy DeVos's school safety commission.  Newark residents are participating in a visioning process on their public schools, and cities are gearing up for action around next week's education focus during the Poor People's Campaign!  Also, see the new article about privatization by writer Joanne Barken.  

By Jay Travis & Keron Blair, Co-Directors, Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools

When teachers in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Colorado and other states walked out of their classrooms this spring to demand greater state investment in public schools, they were not just fighting for their own self interest. They were fighting for better schools. Their protests pulled back the curtain on decades of policy decisions that have stripped public schools of resources in order to further enrich already wealthy corporations and investors.

Newark Student Union disrupts School Board meeting to call for more transparency and community engagement in the return to local control;  Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance plans their first statewide convening! Chicago Consortium on School Research has released a new report on the impacts of school closings. Read all this and more in this week's NewsBlast!