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Activists for public education took to the streets this week in coordination with the Poor People's Campaign to declare that "everyone's got a right to live." Actions were held in several AROS cities.  Read our round-up of the week's events.  In Los Angeles, the primary election in the governor's race this week had a hard lesson for the state's powerful charter sector. All in this week's AROS NewsBlast!!

This week we talk about the upcoming Supreme Court decision in Janus v AFSCME, and Betsy DeVos's school safety commission.  Newark residents are participating in a visioning process on their public schools, and cities are gearing up for action around next week's education focus during the Poor People's Campaign!  Also, see the new article about privatization by writer Joanne Barken.  

By Jay Travis & Keron Blair, Co-Directors, Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools

When teachers in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Colorado and other states walked out of their classrooms this spring to demand greater state investment in public schools, they were not just fighting for their own self interest. They were fighting for better schools. Their protests pulled back the curtain on decades of policy decisions that have stripped public schools of resources in order to further enrich already wealthy corporations and investors.

Newark Student Union disrupts School Board meeting to call for more transparency and community engagement in the return to local control;  Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance plans their first statewide convening! Chicago Consortium on School Research has released a new report on the impacts of school closings. Read all this and more in this week's NewsBlast!

MEJA celebrates victories on school funding-more work ahead. Journey for Justice Alliance releases their "equity assessment" report; Advancement Project hosting webinar on school discipline data; Youth On Board hosting a webinar on "radical listening." Little Sis has a new toolkit on who's trying to dismantle public education in the #RedforEd states.

Louisiana Senate passes a Community Schools resolution, while Paterson and Camden, NJ inch closer to local control.  Boston and Philadelphia are looking at PILOT programs to raise new revenue for public schools. A new coalition in Peoria is fighting for better schools, health care and housing. New reports are released from the Journey for Justice Alliance and In the Public Interest.  Our Schools, Our Communities in Dallas hosts a showing of Backpack Full of Cash, and Betsy DeVos gets an earful from some of the nation's top teachers.  Read all this and more in this week's AROS NewsBlast!

Victories to report! NYC's Coalition for Educational Justice wins $23 million investment in culturally responsive education; Houston beats back ten charter conversations, Michigan lawsuit halts the transfer of public funds to private schools. At the same time, though, Louisville is fighting a possible state takeover, and Betsy DeVos continues to pretend that racism in school discipline policy doesn't exist.  Read this week's NewsBlast!

Student walk-outs call for gun control; AROS calls for Books, Not Guns. Student organizations issue demands for safe schools. Leaders Igniting Transformation releases a report on the school-to-prison pipeline in Milwaukee. The military says no to Betsy DeVos voucher proposal. Colorado Democrats say no to DFER. Puerto Rico announces massive school closures, and the Building Movement Project and Schott Foundation host webinar and release report on labor-community alliances.  Read it all in this week's NewsBlast!!

The teacher uprisings of spring 2018 continue, with educators on the move in West Virginia, Kentucky, Arizona and Oklahoma. Students and the public are with them. AROS launches a new Books, Not Guns initiative aimed at stopping legislation allowing teachers to carry weapons in their classrooms. Advancement Project has a set of new tools, including a student walkout toolkit, and Betsy DeVos continues to travel in secret, apparently to avoid protests. It isn't working.