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Lots to report this week!  DACA in jeopardy, affecting students and teachers...The upcoming #WeChoose week of action...The AFT weighs in on the importance of Obama's discipline guidance, and the OCR reaches a settlement with Milwaukee Public Schools on disparities in discipline rates.  Gamaliel hosts a webinar on community schools, while TN AROS has a commentary published in the Memphis newspaper.  More showings of Backpack Full of Cash...phew!!

This week's NewsBlast includes:  Ten victories in education justice; #WeChoose plans national town hall; CEJ continues the fight for culturally relevant education; AROS hosts first online gathering of AROS table leaders.  Check it out!

Happy New Year from AROS!  Check out this week's NewsBlast, which includes news of yet another protest during a speech by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, news of another round of Chicago school closings, and a new report about barriers to enrollment in Arizona charter schools.  The fight is on for 2018!  Thanks for being part of the resistance!

#WeChoose holds national town hall,  AFT protests K12- the nation's largest for-profit charter operator.  Indianapolis AROS hosts a showing of Backpack Full of Cash.  Pittsburgh works towards community schools, and a new report from the Learning Policy Institute supports community schools as a turnaround strategy. Welcome to the AROS NewsBlast!  And we wish everyone a happy holiday season.

#WeChoose holds a national summit in Washington, D.C.,  Pennsylvania senate debates a voucher bill.  The Huffington Post studied what's taught at some voucher schools across the country -- it's scary. And FairTest releases an analysis of why so many campaigns to reduce testing are winning!  Read all about it in this week's AROS NewsBlast!

Betsy DeVos encounters protests in Nashville; Department of Education considers scrapping discipline guidance; Commentary by UYC and CPD on how to make schools safer; Screening of Backpack Full of Cash in Rochester; Upcoming #WeChoose national critical conversation.  Read it all in this week's NewsBlast!

"Art Build" in Minneapolis brings students, parents and educators together for 3 days to create movement banners and posters....and they were immediately put to use at a press conference in St. Paul calling on the millionaires and corporations on the Super Bowl host committee to invest in public schools!  Tennessee AROS is planning to protest Betsy DeVos at an appearance in Nashville...Philadelphia state-run school board dissolves itself, returning Philly schools to local control...the California NAACP adopts a resolution supporting sustainable community schools.  And more!!!

Chicago coalition fights a proposed police and fire training facility--demands funding for schools instead.  Philadelphia Federation of Teachers and community groups planning a victory rally next week to celebrate the return to local control.  Research for Action releases progress report on Philadelphia community schools.  Sign up for the Education Organizer's Weekly Message!

School District of Philadelphia begins the long process of returning to local control...Jackson Mississippi schools avoid a state takeover...Padres Unidos participates in Dignity in School's national Week of Action Against School Pushout. School personnel barred from employment in the Chicago Public Schools find new jobs in the city's charter schools.  Detroit's 482 Forward hosts a debate between the city's school superintendent and authorizers for most of the city's charters.  New showings of Backpack Full of Cash are scheduled.

Join a "mass migration" to protect the Dreamers; A new report from Power U and the Advancement Project calls out the Miami-Dade public schools on school climate measures;  Testimony delivered by song in Philadelphia; Dark Money at issue in the Massachusetts charter ballot initiative. More showings of Backpack Full of Cash!