This Week in Education Organizing - May 5, 2017

The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools Newsletter
  May 5th, 2017

MAY 1st!  “Build Schools, Not Walls” Echoes Around the Country

Hundreds of rallies and marches around the country on May 1st included calls to “Build Schools, Not Walls.”  May Day events supporting immigrant rights drew tens of thousands around the country.

In Los Angeles the famous “Shield Against” theme was revived, with thousands marching in the streets.  Teachers in Peoria, IL sported brand new “Build Schools, Not Walls” t-shirts at their rally.

In Boston, BTU members joined two actions across the city marching with labor and community allies and holding signs declaring "Everyone is Welcome Here" in multiple languages. Jessica Tang, BTU organizing director spoke at the rally on the Boston Commons.
All in all, it was a day of resistance.  AROS members played a role in hundreds of cities.  The MicMedia video created for the day now has over 150,000 hits on Facebook!   And don’t forget to add your name to the AROS “Open Letter to Congress,” with over 150 organizational endorsements!!

St. Paul Rallies Outside USBank to Demand Investment

Saint Paul Federation of Teachers and Minneapolis Federation of Teachers meet outside USBank in downtown Minneapolis to call on Corporations and Banks like USBank to pay their fair share of taxes to fund more racially equitable schools. AFT Exec VP Mary Cathryn Ricker spoke as well as numerous other educator leaders and community members. After the rally, they converged with a May Day march of around 1,000 met up with the teachers and moved to the Federal Building for a final rally.


Charter School Vulnerabilities to Fraud, Waste and Abuse – Yup!  It’s still Happening – An Update by Center for Popular Democracy

Back in 2014, CPD published their first compendium of incidence of charter school fraud, waste and abuse.  Each year since then, they have sadly had more to add to the list.  This year’s edition includes more examples of what can happen when public schools are opened to the free market.  Download the report here.

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