This Week in Education Organizing - May 19, 2017

The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools Newsletter
  May 19, 2017

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Trump/DeVos: A blueprint for undermining public education

On Monday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is expected to announce the details of a federally-funded voucher program. On Tuesday, President Trump is releasing his budget.  Join the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools for an informational briefing on these two critical initiatives:


TIME:   4:00-5:30 eastern  (3:00 central / 1:00 pacific)

Please join us as we hear from experts who will provide a first look at what’s in the President’s budget proposal, focusing on three key AROS platform issues:  federal funding for sustainable community schools,  privatization, and provisions relating to ending (or expanding) the school-to-prison pipeline.  There will be time for reflections, and questions and answers, as we begin to build our response to the Trump/DeVos agenda.  Please register and join us!   RSVP HERE

Boston Hosts a “Hub Community Schools Showcase”

Hub Community Schools are a model for school improvement based on identifying the needs and assets of a school community and bringing together parents, students, teachers, district staff, community and health partners to determine how to best use their resources to support the whole student and family.  On Wednesday night, over 80 participants gathered for a “showcase” to learn about the Hub model and how it’s working in some Boston schools. The showcase was hosted by a coalition including the Boston Education Justice Alliance, the Boston Teachers Union, Boston Public Schools and others.

Invest in Schools – Don’t Close Them, Urges New Report

A new policy brief from the National Education Policy Center finds that closing schools as a strategy for improving student performance is a “high risk/low-gain” strategy.  School closings cause political conflict and incur hidden costs to the district, while the impacts on student performance are minimal at best.  The brief concludes that districts might be better off investing in low-performing schools rather than closing them. That’s no surprise to AROS readers, but the NEPC brief will serve as a strong credential for grassroots groups fighting school closures.  


Trump/DeVos: A blueprint for undermining public education.  A national briefing on the Trump budget and DeVos voucher announcements.  May 24, 4:00-5:30 eastern time. RSVP HERE