This Week in Education Organizing - February 15, 2019

Coalition for Education Justice to Release Report on CRE

Eighty-five percent of public school students in New York City are Black, Latinx, or Asian and yet most go to schools where the curriculum they are taught does not reflect their cultures, histories, or experiences.  

The Coalition for Education Justice is collaborating with NYU Metro Center to gather data to evaluate the Cultural Responsiveness of NYC public school ELA curriculum. They will use the data for a report on the depth of this problem and to push for systemic solutions. Parents, students and educators are being invited to participate.

CEJ will reveal their findings on February 20th, and call on the Department of Education to do what is right by all NYC children implement a Culturally Responsive Curriculum.

The website with all the scorecard info isHERE. For more information contact:

#Red4Ed Wave Continues Across the Country


Teachers in Denver ended their strike on Thursday, reaching an agreement with the Denver Public Schools after a three-day walk-out.  The tentative deal includes significant raises, and changes the structure of the district’s pay-for-performance program which was at the center of the teacher’s complaints.

The teachers went out on strike on Monday, with nearly 100 schools and 3,800 educators participating. Hundreds of students chose to stand in solidarity with their teachers on the picket line during the week.


Teachers in Oakland are awaiting the release of a neutral fact-finder’s report today, and may call for a strike if there is no contract settlement in the next few days.

A couple hundred students from Oakland’s public schools staged a “sick-out” last Friday, and marched to school district headquarters to support their teachers, who are threatening to strike in order to get meaningful investment in their schools.  See coverage of the student rallyHERE.

Then came news thatTeach for America had informed its Oakland “corps members” that they should cross picket lines in the event of a strike, or risk thousands of dollars in post-service reward funds that are available to TFA teachers at the end of their service. Over 300 TFA alumni slammed the threat in a public letter.

U.S. House Education Committee Holds Hearing on School Facilities and Under-funding

Newly in Democratic hands, the House Committee on Labor and Education held a hearing this week on the chronic underfunding and crumbling infrastructure rife within America’s public education system.
Committee Chair Bobby Scott (D-VA) has introduced a billthat would provide $100 billion towards infrastructure and technology supports for the nation’s public schools.

Panelists at thehearing included Sharon Contreras, superintendent of the Greensboro, North Carolina schools, Anna King of the National PTA, and Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers.  Also on the panel was Dr. Ben Scafidi, an economics professor at Kennesaw State University, who pressed the panel to support market-based reforms like charter schools and voucher programs. Scafidi told the Committee that even teacher salaries would likely increase if public schools were subject to market competition (apparently he hasn’t seen the data showing charter school teachers are paid substantially less than public school teachers).

Democrats on the Committee, including new Congresswoman Alana Hayes--a former Teacher of the Year from Connecticut, blasted Scafidi’s remarks.  Additional Committee hearings will be scheduled in the House.


February 20th:  Coalition for Educational Justice in NYC releases the findings of their report on Culturally Responsive Education. The event will be held at the African Burial Ground, 290 Broadway in NYC.  For more information contact:
February 22:  "Lessons frorm the LA Strike" -- Join AROS and the Bargaining for the Common Good Network to discuss lessons from the recent successful strike in Los Angeles.  Friday, February 22nd at 3:00 eastern time.      Register here.


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