This Week in Education Organizing - August 4, 2017


Welcome to the Fight-Back!!

People’s Action has joined with AROS and the #WeChoose campaign to fight back against the Trump/DeVos education agenda and any cuts to the federal education budget!  Things are heating up this month as members of Congress return to their districts to hold Town Halls and hear from constituents.

Read our CALL TO ACTION and check out this BUDGET SIDE-BY-SIDE to compare President Trump’s education agenda with our demands for the schools all our students deserve.


Use this website to find a scheduled Town Hall near you.  We are encouraging folks to organize a delegation to attend local opportunities to meet with members of Congress, to ask questions about the budget and to demand no cuts to the federal education budget, no expansion of charter schools, and no vouchers!  Instead, we want full investment in our public schools so that all children have the resources and services they need to succeed.

Other elements of the Fight-Back include coordinated local canvassing, actions on local targets, resolutions and more!  To read more and check out our tool-kit for the summer Fight-Back, check out the AROS website at

Indivisible Joins the Fight-Back

Our friends at Indivisible also have amazing resources and tool-kits and are encouraging folks to speak out against the Trump budget.  This week, they are featuring some information about public education and Trump’s proposed cuts.  See here for information, and a sample question or two about the proposed education cuts.  Additional sample questions will be posted soon on the AROS website.

#WeChoose “Critical Conversations” Begin

The #WeChoose campaign has begun a series of “Critical Conversations” around the country—opportunities for residents to learn more about the Trump/DeVos education agenda, and issues facing their local schools. Importantly, Critical Conversations help activate folks in support of public schools and sustainable community schools that are fully resourced to serve all students.  Learn more about the Critical Conversations, which have been held in Camden, New Jersey, Seattle and Albion, Michigan (see below) and are scheduled in dozens of cities over the next several months. 

Albion Residents Want their Schools Back

Last May, residents of Albion, Michigan agreed to allow their 3-school school district to be annexed by the neighboring Marshall Public Schools.  But the experience hasn’t been a positive one.  And this week, as part of the #WeChoose campaign’s series of “Critical Conversations,” some residents of Albion met with city council members and their superintendent to ask for their schools back.  They’re asking for new state legislation to allow districts that have been taken over or consolidated to return to local control. Read more about the critical conversation and challenges in Albion schools here.  Photo credit: April van Buren, Michigan Radio.