This Week in Education Organizing - August 25, 2017

Welcome to the Fight-Back!   Focus on Racine, WI

On Monday activists gathered in Racine, Wisconsin to participate in what was billed as “A Q&A Session with Constituents” and as a CNN Live Broadcast “Town Hall” organized by House Speaker Paul Ryan. Prepared to participate in the Town Hall and ask Ryan questions about budget cuts to public education, the group found that access to the event was by invitation only (making it more of a private party than an opportunity for constituents to interact with the Congressman).   

The AROS groups, including Voces de la Frontera and the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association protested outside, and made their voices against racist and destructive budget cuts heard.  We know it will take a lot to move Ryan and the Republicans, but Racine is the story of how everyday people are rising up and building power for the resistance! 

Sixty Years: Still Fighting

The Little Rock Save Our Schools Campaign and Citizens Against Taxation Without Representation are honoring the Little Rock Nine and their legacies, while joining a national conversation about the attack on public education.  This September marks the 60th anniversary of the day that Little Rock’s Central High School was integrated by nine brave students supported by the NAACP.  The city is preparing a large celebration on September 24th, aimed at commemorating the event and proclaiming how much progress has been made in race relations since. But here we are, in the midst of a rash of White Supremacist rallies, a surge in hate crimes and attacks against African Americans, Muslims and LGBT students, and as the President and his administration plan to strip federal dollars from programs like education, Medicare and housing.  “We must never be fooled by the word ‘progress,’” notes the Save Our Schools announcement of the September 22-23 events they are planning as a counter-commemoration. 

Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Approves AFT Resolution on White Supremacy

The executive board of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers unanimously adopted a resolution denouncing White Supremacists, at their August 22nd meeting.  The resolution was crafted by the American Federation of Teachers in the wake of the events in Charlottesville earlier this month. It calls out President Trump --  “…there is no room for equivocation when it comes to groups whose avowed goal is to destroy and terrorize those they hate: You either stand against racism, anti-Semitism and bigotry or you don’t; you either stand against hate groups and white supremacy or you don’t; you either stand for our freedoms for all, and for the safety and security of everyone—particularly people of color and those of other marginalized communities—or you don’t”  -- and pledges efforts to fight racism and hate.

Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance (MEJA) is hiring a director!

Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance (MEJA) is a coalition of parents, students, educators, and labor, religious, student and community activists and organizations committed to protecting and improving public education and fighting for economic, social and racial justice.  The statewide organization is looking for a new director to help build alliances across the state on education issues while addressing the root causes of poverty that perpetuate an unequal system of education and impede low-income families from getting the education they deserve. MEJA is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.  Read the full job description here.     


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