Week of Action for the Public Schools All Our Children Deserve!

Walk-ins, Rallies and More

During the week of November 20, over 150 parents, student, teacher and community groups from more than 15 cities nationwide participated in the National Week of Action for the Public Schools All Our Children Deserve. Staging school walk-ins, holding rallies and packing school board meetings, organizers across the country pushed for sustainable community schools in their cities. All students deserve the kinds of resources and opportunities that will help them succeed, from rigorous academics and adequate school funding to wraparound health supports and out-of-school learning programs. 

For summaries of each event, pictures and news clips, click here.
Click here to read the press release. And click here for a full list of participating cities.

Why Nov. 20?

Universal Children’s Day has been celebrated on Nov. 20 since 1959. That year, the United States under President Eisenhower joined the rest of the world in unanimously approving the United Nation’s Declaration of the Rights of the Child. The Declaration says:

  • The child must be given the means requisite for its normal development, both materially and spiritually.
  • The child must be put in a position to earn a livelihood, and must be protected against every form of exploitation.

These rights cannnot be guaranteed without strong schools. To truly serve every child, every school must have solid academics, strong after-school activities, wraparound physical and mental health care, and real community decision-making.

Resources You Can Use

What are community schools? 
Check out this infographic from the 
Opportunity to Learn Campaign

If you're interested in pushing for sustainable community schools in your city or state, here are some sample action ideas and demands that groups across the country used during the November Week of Action. Adapt the ideas below to reflect the priorities in your community:

• Rally before school at the main entrance with educators, parents, students and community members.

• Hold up signs with AROS’s messages for the day.

• Promote solutions that work for your city:

  • Increase the number of community school in our city to _____ (number) by ______ (date).

  • All struggling schools should be transformed into community schools. Don’t devastate communities by closing schools and diverting resources to charters.

  • This is SIGnificant: Fix SIG, the federal School Improvement Grant program, to ensure all funds for low-performing schools go for Sustainable Community Schools.

  • Get media to the event. Also use social media: Take pictures of your crew and tag them #communityschools and post them to Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook. 

​Download a one page description of Community Schools to share before and during your action here.