Support Chicago on April 1!

Show your support for Chicago this Friday!
Wear red and tweet to #ShutDownChi and #FightForFunding.

Dear AROS Family,

This Friday, Chicago teachers, parents, students and community members will stand up to the continued assault on Chicago's working class people, neighborhoods and public schools. They are taking bold action in the fight for the schools all our children deserve and they need your support!

Teachers will refuse to work on Friday, closing the schools down for the day. Rallies are planned outside schools in the morning and outside public universities at 10 AM, followed by a major rally downtown at 4 PM.

Our allies in Chicago are asking for Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools partners around the country to join them in declaring that the city and its public schools are "broke on purpose." Wear red in solidarity with Chicago protesters and share pictures and messages of support on social media with #ShutDownChi, #FightForFunding and #ReclaimOurSchools.

You can find a 1-pager with more details about the event on our resources page. You can also check out this FAQ from the Chicago Teachers Union.

The Chicago action will unite advocates from Fight for $15, Black Lives Matter and other social and economic justice movements to fight against racist attacks on students, families and communities and to demand that the wealthy pay their fair share to support the services and opportunities that help working families thrive.

By supporting local actions like this one, we can help elevate the call for educational justice and build a nationwide movement for the schools all our children deserve.

In Solidarity,

Keron Blair
National Director, Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools

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