Sign Our Letter of Support for Chicago

The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools is circulating the below letter to show support for the one-day teacher strike in Chicago on April 1. 

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Today I stand in solidarity with teachers, parents and students in Chicago as they strike to demand the needed revenue to adequately fund their schools.

While billionaires enjoy tax breaks and get to use all kinds of loop holes to keep money in their pockets, black and brown communities have to make do with deep deficiencies in funding for schools.

The realities in Chicago reflect challenges in many cities across the country. It is an injustice of the highest order. 

America is richer than it has ever been, but in the last thirty years, virtually all the gains have gone to the top.

I am tired of our communities not getting what they need to thrive. Teachers are not to blame. Students are not to blame and for sure parents are not to blame. The responsibility rests with our politicians who lack the courage to do what is right and needed!

If we want to fund our public schools, we have to tax the ones who got all of the money.

This is a moment to stand and fight.

Its a moment to ensure that every child has access to the schools they deserve.

I stand with The Chicago Teachers Union in their demand for school funding. And I stand with the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools in demanding funding of world class public schools in every community. Tax the 1%!

I sign this open letter to add my name to list of those who will fight for as long as it takes to win the schools all our children deserve.

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