Join Chicago Organizers for a 1-Day Solidarity Hunger Strike

Join Chicago Organizers for a 1-Day Solidarity Hunger Strike
  Help Save Dyett High School on Tuesday, Aug. 25

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I am calling on you to join the Dyett Hunger Strikers on Tuesday, Aug. 25 with a 1-Day Solidarity Hunger Strike.

Today is Day 4 of a hunger strike led by a dozen parents, educators and community residents in the historically Black community of Bronzeville on Chicago’s south side. We are putting our bodies on the line for a public high school our children deserve: The Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology Academy.   

Click here to join the Solidarity Hunger Strike on Aug. 25!

Mayor Rahm Emanuel ordered Dyett to be phased out with the other 48 schools he closed in 2013. But our community refused to accept the closing of our last open-enrollment public high school. We fought hard and won a commitment to reopen Dyett. Then we decided to come together to create a proposal for a world-class neighborhood high school as the hub for a sustainable community school village, a K-12 system of education in Bronzeville and its six feeder schools. You can read our proposal here.

Mayor Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools officials say they want parent and community involvement in the schools, but here is what happened when Black parents and community leaders contributed hundreds of hours to planning and supporting our schools: We were asked to submit a proposal, and we submitted what, by any standard, is the best proposal by far. Then the Board of Education cancelled the hearing on the proposals this month, and cancelled their promised final decision on August 26.

When Black parents and community leaders got engaged in our children’s education, district officials changed the rules on us. That is the fact of the matter.

We need your help. Join us for a 1-Day Solidarity Hunger Strike on Tuesday, Aug. 25, the day before the Board of Education holds their August meeting. Together, we can bring national media attention to this struggle and pressure the Chicago Board of Education into approving the Dyett community school proposal.

You can also show your support for the hunger strike on social media with #SaveDyett, #WeAreDyett and #FightForDyett!

We appreciate your solidarity!

Jitu Brown
Executive Director, Journey for Justice Alliance
Member, Coalition to Revitalize Dyett High School

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