Dyett Hunger Strike Ends

Dyett Hunger Strike Ends!
Inspiring strike is a game changer in education organizing.

After 34 days, the hunger strike for Dyett High School has officially ended. The brave parents, teachers and community leaders who put their bodies on the line successfully pushed Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to reopen Dyett as an open-enrollment public school. This is a victory for all who care about public education!

The hunger strikers will have a lasting impact on education justice organizing nationwide: they proved beyond a doubt that communities can go head-to-head against those who seek to undermine and privatize public education – and they can win.

The month-long hunger strike garnered local, national and even international media attention. It elevated the story of how one Black and Brown, working-class community came together to build an inclusive and empowering vision for education reform.

The fight for Dyett will continue in Chicago, as the hunger strikers and the 4,800 community members they represent weigh in on the design of the reopened school and its curriculum. The fight for Dyett will also continue nationwide as education justice organizers in every community fight to win the schools all children deserve.

Send your congratulations to the Dyett Hunger Strikers on social media with #FightforDyett, and let them know how you will continue their fight in your community. And if you're in Chicago, join the strikers on Tuesday, Sept. 29, for a citywide march and rally at 5:30 pm at the Thompson Center.

As we move forward, let's use Dyett as a call to new and bold action that will change the game!

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