Betsy DeVos -- Incompetent and Dangerous

What are critics saying about Betsy DeVos’ performance this week on 60-Minutes?

“…she has revealed a lack of knowledge about fundamental education issues…” The Chicago Tribune

“White House Officials watched…with dismay”   CNN

“Messy” The Los Angeles Times

“A train wreck” CNN

“Is this a freakin’ SNL skit?”   a Tweet by Dawn Neely-Randall, cited in The Washington Post

Indeed. Now it’s time to watch the episode yourself.

Full Version

Short Compilation

Keron Blair, co-director of the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools says,

“We’ve known since day one that DeVos is incompetent. Her latest interview makes it even more glaring. But what is most dangerous about DeVos is not just her incompetence, but the power she wields as U.S. Secretary of Education, her willful disrespect of public schools and the staff and students who work in them, and her zealous commitment to turning our nation’s public schools over to private interests. We have work to do.”

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