AROS Director Highlights #FightforDyett in Chicago Tribune Op-Ed

Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools Director Keron Blair published a powerful op-ed in the Chicago Tribune this week, highlighting the ongoing struggle to win a sustainable community school in Chicago. In his op-ed, Keron offers a meaningful description of community schools and asks, "Are they worth dying for?" Keron suggests that the fight for Dyett is a call to action for all who care about education justice. Take a read below and join the fight for the schools our children deserve!

"Have you ever gone 30 days without food? Your answer is likely no. Do you know anyone who has gone 30 days without food? The answer to that question is likely also no.

The fact is that few of us have ever gone even two days without food. It goes without saying, then, that people who decide to take that kind of action don't do so flippantly. On the contrary, when people decide to go without food — especially for 30 days — they must be compelled to do so out of some deep conviction, some abiding commitment to a deep truth, some sense that their very lives are worth the outcome they are fighting to get.

That is exactly the case for the 15 people in Chicago who have gone beyond their 30th day on a hunger strike.

These men and women are on a sacred journey to transform the community, the city and the country in which they live.

They are fighting to ensure that their children and grandchildren have access to opportunities that they dreamed of having.

They are fighting to end decades of public policies that have stripped black and poor people in Chicago of the schools they deserve."

Click here to read Keron's full op-ed.