Allies Release Statements of Support for Chicago Hunger Strikers

An inspiring group of Chicago parents, teachers and community members are well into their 2nd week of a hunger strike to fight the closure of Dyett High School, the last open-enrollment public high school in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood, and to transform it into a sustainable community school. On Tuesday, Aug. 25, hundreds of advocates across the country fasted in solidarity with the Chicago hunger strikers. (Click here for pictures.)

Two New York-based organizations have released statements of support, which you can read below. Read more about the struggle for Dyett and the community-led transformation plan here.

Statement from the Alliance for Quality Education:

"AQE stands in solidarity with the parents and community of Chicago by joining them in today's one-day hunger strike to fight for Dyett High School. The Dyett community designed a plan to transform their school into a community school that is eco-friendly and offers advanced technology courses for the Black and Latino youth in Chicago called the Global Leadership and Green Technology High School. Unfortunately their potential for transformation is under attack by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his hedge fund "reformers’" agenda of school closings. The is the same toxic, market-based approach to education schema that we experience in New York with Governor Cuomo and can be witnessed nationwide. Shutting students out of an opportunity for an excellent education by enforcing school closings will never be the answer and no parent should have to hunger strike to prove that."

Statement from the Coalition for Educational Justice:

"The Coalition for Educational Justice stands in solidarity with the parents of Dyett High School and their continued fight to preserve public education and establish Community Schools. Today on Day 9 of their hunger strike, parents and community members in NYC will also be taking part in the hunger strike in a show of our support.

For over a decade, parents of CEJ pushed back against a mayor and administration that did not respect or listen to our voices. We are witnessing the same thing occur in Chicago and across the country."