Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools Denounces the Trump Budget Proposal


WASHINGTON—On Thursday, the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools Executive Director Keron Blair released the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s budget proposal, released today. The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools is a coalition of parents, youth, community and labor organizations that together represent more than 7 million Americans:

“Just two months ago, President Trump declared education to be ‘the civil rights issue of our time.’ Sadly, his budget proposal demonstrates his antipathy toward that declaration. This budget hurts black and brown children and children living in poverty; destabilizes neighborhood public schools and invests instead in the failed strategies of unregulated charter schools and vouchers. It confirms that President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are on the same page—promoting choice for some over quality for all students.

“By cutting over $9 billion from education funding, the president’s budget proposal begins to dismantle the federal role in ensuring equity in public schools. Instead of investing in our nation’s public schools to provide quality to all children, this budget proposes millions of dollars towards new choice programs that will send public dollars to private schools. It eliminates the 21st Century Learning Centers Program which supports proven before- and after-care programs for low-income students and funds the development of Sustainable Community Schools—public schools that transform the prospects for low-income children. Make no mistake: President Trump and Betsy DeVos plan will devastate public schools in black and brown communities.

“This budget would also increase funding for the Department of Education’s Charter School Program (CSP) by 50 percent, despite the fact that two separate audits by the Office of Inspector General found millions of CSP dollars going to charter schools that never opened or are now closed.

“While some of this money might go to help a choosen few, a good chunk of it would go into the pockets of millionaires and billionaires who don’t care about kids, but see public education as a scheme to bring in profits.

“The Trump/DeVos budget makes it clear that neither Donald Trump or Betsy DeVos care about black, brown or poor kids or poverty-stricken communities. We urge Congress to reject this budget on face.”


The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools is a coalition of ten national organizations united in support of public education and public schools, particularly those serving communities of color.  Our partners represent nearly 7 million teachers, parents and students nationwide.