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Check out this week's NewsBlast!  Senator van Hollen introduces a bill to fully fund Title I and IDEA; Chicago charter school teachers strike, and Chicago's superintendent calls for a halt to new charters.  Good Jobs First report finds $1.8 billion in losses to schools due to corporate subsidies. A new report from Communities for Just Schools, and more!

The Peoria People's Project wins the clawback of TIF funds for the city's schools!  Center for Popular Democracy launches a #YouthDemand petition and video in anticipation of the release of the DeVos Commission report. Parents, educators and students in Los Angeles plan for a big march for Public Education. The Coalition for Education Justice is planning another Parent Power School!! All this and more in this week's NewsBlast!!

This week we feature a short round-up of some of the most important education elections around the country, leading with several wins through the concerted organizing efforts of labor/community coalitions!  What does it mean for education to have the U.S. House under Democratic control? 

Cincinnati Education Justice Coalition hosts 30 members of the Journey for Justice Alliance from Chicago for a tour of two Cincinnati community learning centers.  Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance holds a Halloween action outside the offices of the pro-privatization Pioneer Institute.  And AROS and the Schott Foundation wish Cassie Schwerner luck as she begins a new position.

What a busy week!  A coalition in Pittsburgh won a continued ban on weapons in schools; Reclaim Our Schools LA holds a demonstration calling for more investment in LA schools; Cincinnati and Massachusetts activists are planning events next week!  And AROS released a new video short exploring what disinvestment looks like in schools.  We also have new T-shirts!!  Check out this week's chock-full NewsBlast!!

New Jersey appears to have an informal moratorium on charter expansion. Will it hold?  Students and supporters in Pittsburgh and Chicago call for #PoliceFreeSchools and investment. A new toolkit to aid campaigns against the school-to-prison-pipeline. Check it out in this week's NewsBlast!

Students and parents in Boston went to Northeastern University today with a message for the school: pay your fair share towards the city's schools and other public services!  Public Education, and especially funding for schools will be a big issue at the polls on election day next month! Find out where.  And follow Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on her "back to school" tour, where her public events were met with protest, and her most telling meeting was hidden from view.

The Coalition for Education Justice is continuing their fight for Culturally Responsive Education in New York City;  In The Public Interest releases a new video on charter school co-locations; How the spring 2018 teacher walk-outs are impacting the November mid-term elections; Trump signs a 2019 spending bill; AFT files suit against Navient.  A busy week in the education world!!

Parents and students in Camden, NJ strike back after a local CEO calls Camden residents "lazy." The company has received hundreds of millions in public subsidies to create jobs.  Students in New York City demand action to stop on-campus arrests. Journalist Jeff Bryant reflects on the changing tenor of the charter school debate.  All this in this week's AROS NewsBlast!!

Voters in several states will pull the lever on ballot initiatives related to public schools this November. Whether it's school funding or vouchers, public schools are on the docket! And in Cincinnati, a Town Hall drew a number of candidates for public office in Ohio, to hear about education issues confronting local and state schools.