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Louisville AROS bring the spotlight to a secretive, business-based committee trying to reform their schools behind closed doors. The Boston Education Justice Alliance calls for more counselors and student supports in the district school budget. Arming teachers?  Teachers say "no thanks."  And students from across Massachusetts converge on the headquarters of Smith & Wesson.  Check out this week's NewsBlast!!

What are critics saying about Betsy DeVos’ performance this week on 60-Minutes?

“…she has revealed a lack of knowledge about fundamental education issues…” The Chicago Tribune

“White House Officials watched…with dismay”   CNN

AROS releases an open letter to the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico - NO CHARTERS!  Massachusetts charter industry hits some headwinds; Cincinnati Educational Justice Coalition fighting tax abatements; Racial Justice NOW! fighting school closings in Dayton; DeVos keeps being DeVos; Upcoming events.

Betsy DeVos encourages disaster capitalism in Puerto Rico.  Chicago Public Schools votes to close Englewood and South Loop schools despite being called out for manufacturing "community support" for the closings. Resistance will continue!  Organizers with AQE and BEJA publish commentaries blasting their states' failure to invest in public schools. Schott Foundation releases it's "Loving Cities Index."  All this, and more. Check it out!

The fight against school closings in Chicago travels to Rahm's house...The fight against privatization in Puerto Rico just begins, as the Governor and Education Secretary announce their initiative, and the Legislative Assembly takes up a charter law. Peoria, IL demands investment in public education, and teachers across West Virginia go on strike.  Catch up with all the news in this week's NewsBlast!

AEJ and Dignity in Schools respond to this week's school shooting in Parkland, FL; Boston Education Justice Alliance fights for PILOT changes; Chicago keeps fighting against school closings; Join a Working Person's Day of Action, February 24th!  Lots of news this week. Check it out.

This week's NewsBlast includes a round-up of actions around the country during the week!  Find out about the "Betsy Gets an "F" Report Card, and our attempt to deliver petitions to the Department of Education! The DeVos Report Card also made appearances in Dallas, Chicago, and elsewhere! Resistance is Rising!  Join the fight for investment in our schools, to end privatization and win sustainable community schools!

Game on!  The billionaire Koch brothers have announced a $400 million dollar agenda for 2018--they and their billionaire friends are planning to invest heavily in K-12 education (read: vouchers and privatization).  Big showing of Backpack Full of Cash in Pittsburgh, the upcoming #WeChoose national town hall in Detroit, and AQE celebrates Black History month by declaring, "Education Justice is Racial Justice!"

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the U.S. Secretary of Education one year ago this week.  The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools marks this anniversary with a Report Card on her tenure.

To assess the Secretary’s leadership, we reviewed the U.S. Department of Education’s mission and purpose statements, and identified four specific roles in public K12 education on which to review her work.

In each area, it is clear that the Secretary, far from leading the agency to fulfil its mission, is taking us in exactly the opposite direction. This is not based on incompetence, but on a fundamental disdain for the historic role of the federal government in ensuring access and equity to public education for all children.

Another action-packed week in education organizing!! Students in Camden protested privatization, while Racial Justice NOW! in Dayton, and pretty much everyone in Chicago is fighting to keep schools open.  A new report in Michigan recommends targeted funding for low-income kids and students with disabilities.  Pittsburgh moves forward towards new community schools, and more!  Take a look.