DeVos Commission

This Week in Education Organizing - January 4, 2019

Over 50,000 teachers, school staff, parents and students took to the streets of Los Angeles  on December 15th.  As the possibility of a strike looms, Reclaim Our Schools LA is asking for national support to amplify their demands for the schools all our students deserve.  Meanwhile, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos kept her promise to rescind the Obama discipline guidance--at the same time that a Rand Corporation study found that restorative practices are effective!  Finally, this week's NewsBlast includes two job descriptions -- please share them with organizing friends and colleagues!

This Week in Education Organizing - August 3, 2018

Over 200 fill Boston City Council chambers for a hearing on the city's PILOT program. Activists are demanding that the city's tax-exempt institutions contribute more to schools and other public services!  AQE launches a series of community conversations on the School-to-Prison Pipeline...Pueblo, Colorado is the latest city to form a labor/community alliance to fight for education justice.  And Betsy DeVos's School Safety Commission braves potential grizzlies in Wyoming to hear from the public.  All this is this week's AROS NewsBlast!!

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