Betsy DeVos

This Week in Education Organizing - January 18, 2019

30,000 Los Angeles teachers from over 900 schools hit the streets this week to demand more school resources, a moratorium on charter schools and investment in the schools all our students deserve! They were joined by over 10,000 parents, support staff, students and community members. This week's NewsBlast includes snippets from this bold and brave action. Also, investment in public education is becoming a "thing!"  And the New York State Board of Regents just says "no" to Betsy DeVos.

This Week in Education Organizing - April 6, 2018

The teacher uprisings of spring 2018 continue, with educators on the move in West Virginia, Kentucky, Arizona and Oklahoma. Students and the public are with them. AROS launches a new Books, Not Guns initiative aimed at stopping legislation allowing teachers to carry weapons in their classrooms. Advancement Project has a set of new tools, including a student walkout toolkit, and Betsy DeVos continues to travel in secret, apparently to avoid protests. It isn't working.

This Week in Education Organizing - March 23, 2018

Chicago students walk-out, mic-drop and die-in for gun control; Journey for Justice Alliance releases new documentary.  Puerto Rico passes its first charter law in the wake of Hurricane Maria. And Betsy DeVos has a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day up on Capitol Hill. Advancement Project and Dignity in Schools release a new tool-kit for protecting the Obama-era discipline guidance, and more!!  Join our new "DeVos Watch" email blast!!

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