Past Events

Fall 2017: Welcome to the Fight-back!

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May 1, 2017: Build Schools, Not Walls

Millions nationwide took to the streets to demand an end to mass deportation and threats to immigrant communities, that our schools be safe spaces free from the threat of ICE raids, racism, and bullying, and that billions not be spent on a wall but on strengthening public schools to educate all our children regardless of immigration status.

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February 2016: National Walk-Ins for the Schools All Our Children Deserve

In February 2016, parents, students, educators and community members in over 800 schools in more than 30 cities participated in the first-ever nationally coordinated Walk-Ins for the Schools All Our Children Deserve. The event was an inspiring display of national solidarity in the fight for public education.

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November 2014: National Week of Action

Over 150 parent, student, teacher and community groups from more than 15 cities participated in the National Week of Action for the Public Schools All Our Children Deserve in November 2014. Staging school walk-ins, holding rallies and packing school board meetings, organizers across the country pushed for sustainable community schools in their cities. All students deserve the kinds of resources and opportunities that will help them succeed, from rigorous academics and adequate school funding to wraparound health supports and out-of-school learning programs.

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May 2014: National Week of Action

To mark the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, parents, students, educators and community residents organized across the country to continue the struggle for racial and educational justice and win the public schools all our children deserve. The Alliance's National Week of Action started on May 13 with a rally and march at the U.S. Supreme Court, and culminated with local actions taken nationwide on May 17. Click on the boxes below for a summary of the events:

May 13 - Kickoff Rally at the U.S. Supreme Court   May 17 - Local Actions and Voter Engagement in Cities Across America

National Day of Action: December 9, 2013

On Dec. 9, parents, students, teachers, school staff and community members nationwide came together to reclaim the promise of public education. In an extraordinary display of solidarity and strength, they took part in coordinated public actions across the country, marking the beginning of a national movement that will unite and galvanize communities around a shared vision of equity in education and opportunity for every student. Below are some of the events that took place around the nation.

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