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Public Education Forum 2020

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The Trump/DeVos Education Agenda

The Trump/DeVos Agenda versus Our Agenda [PDF]

Department of Education Budget Explanation [PDF]

Slide Presentation from AROS 5/24/17 National Call on the President’s Budget [PDF]

State-by-State Impact of Trump Education Budget [Word doc]

What Would Be the Impact of Trump’s Budget in Your District? [PDF]

Comparison of the Trump versus House Budget Proposals [PDF]

Sample Questions for Town Halls or In-District Meetings with your Members of Congress [PDF] (Mobile-friendly version)


Vouchers: What the Research Says [Word doc]

Myths and Facts about Vouchers [PDF]

Community Schools: A Roadmap for Investment and Success

What are Community Schools?  -- AROS one-pager (English | Español)

"Community Schools: An Evidence-Based Strategy for Equitable School Improvement" – The Learning Policy Institute, June 2017  

Transforming Struggling Schools to Thriving Schools” – Center for Popular Democracy, February 2016. 

A Proposal for Sustainable School Transformation” – Communities for Excellent Public Schools, July 2010 

Toolkit for Summer 2017 "Welcome to the Fight-Back"

Find a Scheduled Town Hall near you!


Editable One-page Call to Action - personalize by adding your organization's name and upcoming actions or events [Word doc]

How to Organize around a Town Hall Meeting – Indivisible Guide

District Office Visits – Indivisible Guide

Locations of Regional Offices of the Department of Education

Basic Information About Canvassing

Example of a Door-knocking “Rap”

Sample Leave-Behind for Doorknockers — This is a sample one-page flyer on the federal budget, being used during canvasses in Washington State. Note that it includes a specific “take action” suggestion! Thanks to ONE America for sharing!  

Sample petition to collect information

AROS Reports & Videos

“Education Justice is Racial Justice”   2016-2017 AROS Platform

AROS Principles That Unite Us [Brief version | Full version]

AROS One-Pager: Sustainable Community Schools (English | Español)

"Out of Control: The Systemic Disenfranchisement of African American and Latino Communities Through School Takeovers" by the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools – August 2015

"Build Schools, Not Walls" Video –  May 2017 

Useful Reports & Videos

Alternatives to School Closure – Infographic by the Schott Foundation

Public Accountability for Charter Schools: Standards and Policy Recommendations for Effective Oversight  - Annenberg Institute for School Reform,  September 2014

"State Takeovers of Low-Performing Schools: A Record of Academic Failure, Financial Mismanagement & Student Harm" by The Center for Popular Democracy

"The Facts About State Takeovers of Public Schools" – Infographic

The Facts About State Takeovers of Public Schools – March 2016 Webinar

"Investing in What Works: Community-driven Strategies for Strong Public Schools" by Southern Education Foundation and the Annenberg Institute for School Reform

Death by a Thousand Cuts: Racism, School Closures and Public School Sabotage" by Journey for Justice, May 2014

Media & Messaging Tools

School Funding Op-Ed Talking Points [PDF]

How to Write an Op-Ed – from Journalist's Resource

Additional Resources

Janus v. AFSCME Fact Sheet [PDF]

Click here for resources from previous actions and walk-ins