Projects & Campaigns

Building and Supporting Local Coalitions: Coalitions of parents, students and educators, schools staff and education professionals exist in about 30 cities and some states across the country. These coalitions are the real power of AROS. Coalitions engage in campaigns that advance our shared vision of the schools our children deserve. AROS provides convening space, resources to support local campaigns and training opportunities to existing groups and to start new ones.

Loving Communities Response Fund for Racial Justice: together with other national partners, AROS participates in the Fund to raise money and move resources to local groups.

Police Free Schools: The demand for police free schools is rooted in the idea that safety for our schools and communities must be untethered from police presence. We have watched too many videos of school based violence to not work with students and student lead groups to imagine better and ways to achieve a healthy and safe school climate. AROS works with local groups to educate groups about the national campaign for police-free schools and to create meaningful on-ramps to the campaign.

Title I Campaign: When fully funded, Title I will impact the lives of millions of students and parents, educators and thousands of schools. AROS’s campaign to fully fund title I will go a long way to advance demands for equity.